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All about Halal Catering in Singapore

Halal is an Arabic word that means permissible or lawful, the Islamic form of slaughtering animals or poultry that involves killing animals. As per Islamic law, all animal foods are considered halal, except for pork. In Islam, halal food is free from components and Muslims are prohibited from consuming it.

Halal catering singapore is rising. Halal food has been a growing point of interest among the people of Singapore. A halal buffet is a major attraction for the guests. The opposite of halal is haram, which means banned or not permitted. Halal catering in Singapore is quite famous, and it has been increasing over the years.

Muslims eat to maintain a strong, sturdy, and healthy body to contribute to the welfare of society. They think that this could provide the best quality of nutrition. Muslims believe if the food they consume is haram, then their prayers are rejected by Allah. They should only consume food that is considered halal.

All items are considered halal except the following

  • Non-halal animal fat
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Ham and pigs
  • All forms of Rennet must be avoided, except for plant and microbial.
  • Stock, a blend mix species broth or meat stock.
  • Carnivorous animals.
  • Any food product containing the above items.

The meat of animals like cows, sheep, goats, chickens are considered halal. But for them to be suitable for consumption, they must be prepared according to Islamic laws. Halal catering in Singapore is becoming more popular. As written in the Koran, the meat of the animal killed from a beating or sacrifice must never be consumed. According to Koran, only the specified species are considered halal and appropriate for consumption.

Life is sacred for all living beings, whether humans or animals. So, if the animal’s life is ending, it should be done only in the name of God. The word bismillah is uttered just before executing the animal. According to Muslim laws and beliefs, meat should never be consumed other than the name of God.

After the death of the animal, it’s necessary to drain their blood out completely. Reproductive organs, gallbladder, and pancreas must be removed.

Animals should be treated well before being killed. Also, the blade used for killing must be sharp enough. The animal to be killed must be served with good food to eat. It’s essential to provide proper care to the animal. The animal killed does not suffer if the cut is made quickly and cleanly.

Things you can do to help a new mother

Once a woman becomes pregnant she needs a lot of support from their friends and family which needs to be continued till the confinement period is completed. Once the women give birth to the baby they have to go through so many changes and this period is not easy for both the mother and father. It is our responsibility that we should support the new parents, it is not only by providing the confinement food Singapore but there are many things which you can do to help the new mother while she is learning to manage the child care.

  • Offer to run some errands for her: If you stay nearby to the new motherhouse then you can visit or if you feel that it would be disturbing them then you can send a message and check if she requires any items like diapers and other things.
  • Offer to run some errands with her: Yes some of them may not be comfortable with someone choosing things for them. In such a case, you can accompany her and take care of the baby while she is searching and trying the things which she wants. That would be a great help which you can do for her.
  • Mind the conversation: One thing you should remember is that your friend or neighbor is the same person there is not much change in her. The only thing is due to the situation her priorities have changed. She might not be much interested to know what is happing in the world instead she would like to gain some knowledge about the tips on taking care of the baby, sleep training, and other issues which are facing. Some might like to talk about something different to change their mood. Make sure you understand their feeling and talk accordingly.
  • Pamper her: She might be completely exhausted with the new change in her life. So you offer to babysit so that she can spend time for herself by going for massage or parlor. If she is not comfortable leaving the baby with you then you can accompany her to the place she is visiting and can take of the baby.
  • Document the new family: Usually many pictures mother are holding the baby and the father holding but there is very little chance that they will have a picture together. So you can help them by taking few family pictures. They will cherish them for a lifetime. 


Hope the provided information has given you some ideas to help the new mother, it can be a small help but that will be always appreciated.