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What odds are better to play on – big or small?

Odds are one of the main categories of gaming. It is with her that the player gets acquainted in the first place, and more importantly, he orients himself when choosing a play. Often, even after several months of playing at an bookmaker, the player does not analyze the event, but relies solely on the quotes for the outcome.

Low quotes – they come in more often, but the profit is lower. High – on the contrary, they pass less often, but the payout for them is greater. One win can cover several losses, while to win back one loss with low odds, a minimum of 3 successful predictions is required.

Small odds

Playing at low quotes requires more responsibility, since the cost of a mistake is higher. Concentration and a detailed analysis of each outcome are necessary. It will take at least three successful actions to correct one error depending on the coefficient. Success is possible only in the case of a qualitative analysis of each action and one hundred percent adherence to the strategy.

The number of mistakes that can be made provided that the game is flat – for a fixed amount. The profitability of the specified distance is displayed in brackets.  Moreover, the constant fear that all labor will be in vain does not contribute to productive and favorable work. Gaming on small quotes on a regular basis is possible if you really manage to find a lot of outcomes that should come in without any problems.

However, even a competent approach, careful selection of matches and outcomes, as well as following a strategy, do not guarantee success. Unexpected results regularly occur in sports, and many plays lose due to force majeure that does not depend on the player and which cannot be predicted referee error, penalties, goalkeeper blunder, etc.

Large odds

Gaming on high odds also requires a responsible approach and detailed analysis. Also, the psychological aspect is important, since losses will happen more often, and the deposit will begin to sag significantly. You should be prepared for such a development of events, not succumb to emotions and continue to act with a sober mind.

In addition, for most players it is problematic to play on high odds. It seems that its probability is low, and there is no desire to take risks. It is important to understand that bookmakers can make mistakes.

It makes no sense to compare potential profitability and determine the average level of passing large and small odds on the example of a particular tournament or round. In each match, no matter how it ends, you can find many outcomes that have played both with high and low quotes.