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You drive your vehicles with lots of care, but sometime or others you may face some problem or your car gets damaged in an accident. At Juniors Auto Center you get experienced mechanics who take full care of your vehicle and repair the necessary parts.

What Services Are Offered

Newark is not a place where you have a lot to travel around. When you give your car for service then surely you have to wait a lot for the car to get fully repaired and sometimes it may take more than expected time. At Juniors Car Center they provide a spacious room for their customers to wait with complimentary coffee and snacks to them. A  T.V. is also given for your entertainment and all such services are given to the customers.A total of 8 bays are there out of which two are for tinting, two are for tire and rim installation and rest four for alignment and repairs. A team full of experienced members are there for service. The owner of the auto center has years of experience with the mechanical equipment and the workers are trained well for all kinds of repairs.

Window Tinting

The mechanics at Juniors Auto Center are experienced over eight years of window tinting on any vehicle newarknj and they tint windows in every model of their vehicle. Window tinting prices are also very affordable. Window tinting for any vehicle starts from $99 for hatchbacks and convertibles and can be as expensive as $125 for sedan vehicles. They give a lifetime warranty of their service and few services are free if done for more than once on window tinting.The services include

  • Windows – Window is an obvious service when tinting is done.
  • Remove Existing Tintings – If the existing tinting is broken or there are any issues with it then they change it for free and replace it with a new one.
  • New Tints – Even if it is your new vehicle or you are using it for the first time, they will make it in a very easy way without any inconvenience. They also provide a lifetime warranty for their tintings.
  • Headlights and Tailights

Also here you will be able to change the shades of the tints of your vehicle. The shades differ from dark to partial light shades. Just search on internet window tinting on any vehicle newark nj near me and you will reach to the nearest store.