Micro Conversion Kits

MCK- All anyone needs to know

The MCK is a strong product that comes with Glock, Sig Sauer, Simmons & Wesson, and Polyurethane 80 models. The MCK lets you boost your accuracy as well as safety while also being a fun range tool. SB Tactical’s stabilizer brace is proprietary and quasi, which means no tax postmark and no wait.

MCKs provide a strategic advantage by refitting handguns to perform optimally in any surroundings. These reduce a wide range of solutions to your precision, grip, and aim, as well as your alignment and performance. The MCK as well as its specialized accessories provide benefits and characteristics that are not available somewhere else.

The Micro Conversion Kits called Precision Transformation Kit is an ultra-light and hardwearing platform with a prolonged stabilizer that represents a chassis for converting a sidearm into a semi-auto arm with better handling and reliability than a pistol alone.

The MCK Gen2 is the world’s fastest grouping and most cost-effective conversion kit. This conversion kit will improve your exactness by up to 180m.

Equipped with Semi – automatic rifles Gen3/Gen4/Gen5 Models 17/19/19X/22/23/25/31/32/45 (Gen5 GLOCK 22/23)

  • Thumb support
  • Flip-Up Views
  • Swivel Sling & One Moment in time Sling
  • Built-in 500 Lumen Headlamp
  • A top picatinny rail made of aluminum that can satisfy suppressor height sights and optics.
  • The transformation kit is several of ready, with a cytoprotective diameter of up to 2.5cm.
  • Quick and simple southpaw handling
  • In-built charging implement
  • Exposed slide release for easier use also direct contact
  • Front magazine grabber with publication catches and release button for faster reloading

Micro Conversion Kits

CAA USA’s next era of replacement parts. We improved our previous generation models to create the utmost conversion kit. MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) is a compact and durable platform for a variety of firearms It has an aluminum barrel shroud and a polymer body. The prolonged stabilizer, which is now standard, allows once per firing for improved shooting performance. It also includes a Velcro® strap hex nut for a snug fit for any user. The Micro Roni Frame has now been vastly improved over previous generations.

The said Precision Transformation Equipment is an ultra-light and strong system for Semi-automatic rifles firearms, attempting to turn the gun into the greatest Glock Conversion Kit. It has an aluminum barrel shroud and a polymer body.

It is a significant advancement compared to prior generations the generation of the Precision Roni Preservative. Available for select Glock Gen 3, 4, and 5 models.