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Know More About Process Automation

It is worth emphasizing, however, that the recruitment process is not only about data processing or editing and publication of advertisements. The flow of information is also important, for example, Workflow as part of the on boarding processes – the implementation of new employees. The automation of these elements allows them to be improved, and thus also for the time that is needed for their implementation. In addition, in the case of a significant number of recruitments, thanks to IT solutions, it becomes possible to monitor the path of individual candidates job hunting platform Singapore from the application for a given position through an interview and finally employment or not of individual persons. The use of this type of software allows transparent analysis of data related to the progress of candidates, for example, using charts.

Also for the candidate

Applications used in the recruitment process are not only useful from the perspective of recruiters – but they are also willingly used by candidates. Sending a CV using a telephone, filling out transparent forms has a double effect on the comfort of those interested. First of all, we can apply for a given position at any place and time job hunting platform Singapore, because it is not dependent on having a computer at a specific moment. Secondly, the form allows you to quickly and conveniently send a response to the advertisement.

Help in legalizing work

An important challenge for companies is formalities related to the employment of foreigners. However, thanks to IT solutions, the whole process becomes simpler, and thus, its implementation time is also reduced. The software used for recruitment often has functions useful when submitting applications for issuing a work permit. In addition, this type of permit is also later introduced into the system, which reduces bureaucratic chaos. Organizing the recruitment process through IT systems gives you the opportunity to monitor the effectiveness of individual recruitments in this situation.