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How to be the bartender – For Beginners

If you are going to start the first bartending job, or you are thinking it will soon be the right time to switch up & get behind the bar for first time, there is not any need to get overwhelmed by the new adventure. You can start looking for more jobs at 여성알바.  Bartending is one of the most rewarding &exciting path that you can take in hospitality industry. However., it will be a bit daunting for the beginners. We have got a few tips that will help you to feel highly confident as well as prepared while getting started with the job!

When I started bartending, I have learned two important things quickly:

  1. Working behind the bar means to work among the people who have been drinking (at times heavily). It was quite obvious I did not stop to understand what that may be like or how it will differ from brunch crowd that I am used to serving.
  1. Suppose you have not been taught properly how to change keg, there’s a good chance you will spray yourself with the beer, directly in your face, and spend rest of the shift smelling like a stale booze.


This take a little time to get used to but soon I got hooked. The hip hop blared right from the speakers to the bar when I poured pints & shots, mixed the drinks, grumbled very quietly about serving the sodas, and prepared cocktails – all while smiling at each customer, talking away, becoming the best friends for fleeting moments when you prepare your drinks & they wait.

Working in a bar is a lot of fun. I have worked as dishie, juice & milkshake girl, cafe manager and waitress. Months I spent behind the bar were the best time of my career. However, bartending is hard work – and it is a part of what actually makes it very rewarding.

Get Prepared

Suppose you have never worked behind the bar earlier, it will be a bit of shock. And suddenly you need to learn some new techniques, recipes as well as lingo.