Give accurate shape to wooden work with table saws

In table saws, saws are mounted on table and are connected to the motor either directly or through belt is common. There are mainly two types of table saws one is portable table saws and another one is stationary saws. Under each category we have different saws based on its functions and usage. For now we will discuss in more detail about stationary saws. We can see list of stationary saws using by the professionals. They are contractor saw, cabinet saw and hybrid saw. Stationary saws are more powerful, heavier, and accurate. It uses belt drive motors which give more power than direct drive. You can see heavy tables made in iron and granites also. Let us see based on these materials how its sub-categories are useful for its owners.

Types of stationary table saws

Contractor saws: contractor saws are heavier than cabinet saws in which larger saw is mounted or attached to the table base and connected to belt drive motor. For its heavier and rare materials it is used by hobbyists and enthusiasts. It is more powerful than latest saws but even it has demerits in portability its accuracy and long-lasting nature make suitable for larger projects still now. Most considering problem in this saw is poor dust collection.

Cabinet saws: cabinet saws are heavier than contractor since major parts are made with iron and steel, vibration is minimized and accuracy level is increased. It is also belt drive motor but power of the motor is higher than contractor. It is more durable, its enclosed cabinet helps in dust collection. It is widely used in commercial purposes for its heavy duty nature. Higher ripping capacity can be attained with table extension. In comparatively it is far better for its heavy duty, increased durable and long lasting.

FindsawHybrid saws: it emerged when there is need of cabinet in home application. It has same features and make as cabinet saws with little variations. It is also offered an enclosed cabinet to improve dust collection. It is heavier than cabinet saws and lighter than contractor saws. It is available in lower price than cabinet saws.

Also there are mini and micro and sliding saws but it is rarely in applicable. Mini and micro saws are used by hobbyist and model builders. If you are looking for more details of saw varieties and comparison report. Then best visit FindSaw website. Get idea from findsaw before find saw suitable.