diagnostic imaging in East Brunswick, NJ

Everything about Diagnostic imaging in East Brunswick, NJ

With the aid of East Brunswick, NJ’s medical imaging services, access the MRI of the future. Certain issues won’t be seen in a flat, stationary position.  Dedicated to giving you the best possible diagnostic imaging in East Brunswick, NJ.

MRI in an upright position

This new age in diagnosis is made possible by the Upright Multi-Position TM MRI’s exceptional strength. It’s the first MRI with the capability to diagnose a condition over the whole range of motion, only with nerves, discs, as well as other soft tissue visible. Instead of static, recumbent-only MRI, which can fail to identify spinal compression since it takes place while a person is standing or sitting, it achieves genuine physiologic MRI.

The problems you encounter when your spine is crushed might not have been seen with a traditional MRI since lying down removes any spinal compression. MRI allows scans to be performed whether standing or sitting, simulating spinal compression to mimic painful or uncomfortable conditions.

How to Prepare

Any preparations that are required will be explained to you ahead of your MRI session. Depending on the area of the body getting scanned, this will change. Wear comfortable clothing, but if required, a gown will be given. When you visit for your MRI exam, be sure to carry this prescribed from your doctor alongside you.

Radiologists and surgeons can discover spinal and other disorders that were previously undetectable on recumbent-only MRIs thanks to the MRI services provided by the diagnostic facility in East Brunswick. Instead of having patients lie flat during scans, the very first MRI that allowed the body to move allows for more accurate results. Medical professionals can significantly enhance surgical results by getting a good image of nerves, discs, as well as other soft tissue.

High Level of Care

Using MRI, scans are carried out to document how you live and are affected by the issue. The following expectations are reasonable: Scans in a Quiet, Comfortable, and Open Environment in a Variety of Positions, including Flexion, Extension, and Weight-Bearing Accommodations for Claustrophobic and Large Patients Image Quality Comparable to High-Field Systems

The greatest option for precise diagnostic and patient comfort is this equipment. Make an appointment and, if necessary and within reason, request patient transportation for people who are unable to come to our office on their own.