Classy Nails For Every Girl’s Dream

To have painted nails and cared for, it would probably a hard time for you to keep it pretty. Sometimes, it does not last for 2 days. This is the reason why you need to check on the latest fashion to beautify the nails. Pintauñassemipermanentes is the latest trend when it comes to a kind of nail polish. What makes it great and the best choice of a polish? The long-lasting effect of the polish makes it an ideal choice as it lasts for 3 weeks. It has a permanent shine and never peels off like ordinary nail polish.

The latest manicure kit for you

The manicure kit for this kind of nail polish has been around and out in the market. Although it is not that cheap, yet it has a reasonable price. Come to think wisely. Would you buy a cheap one but you keep on applying repeatedly because it easily peels off? Or you choose a reasonable price but it lasts long? Which one can you save money? You can also use this manicure kit at home. You can have magnificent nails after applying this kind of nail polish.


The steps for a perfect semi-permanent polish

For those who are not aware of semi-permanent nail polish, then begin to learn from here. Pintauñassemipermanentes is a kind of polish that is done using special nail polishes. It needs the UV lamp or LED to dry up and make it fixed to the nail. With the lamp, it is impossible to dry no matter how long it leaves on the nails. You can do anything without fearing that the nail gets damaged. It is very safe on the nails and it is the best of all as it lasts for 3 weeks.  But, this is just a summary as you need to understand a series of steps before and after application to have perfect nails.

The steps to follow

Here are the simple steps to follow on the application of this kind of polish.

  • Condition the nails
  • Apply the polish
  • Dry the polish with LED or UV lamp
  • Clean top coat
  • Hydrate cuticles

It is essential to condition the nails first. File them to have a good shape and remove the cuticle. After doing these, you can apply the nail polish and follow the steps carefully. In the end, you can have classy, beautiful and elegant nails. Every woman would love to have this kind of hands and nails. Try out this latest type of nail polish now.