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Choosing the Right E-Liquid for Vape Juice

The person who is new to the electronic cigarette, will appreciate the experience or not depending on the chosen e-liquid. Indeed, if the vapour feels a feeling of withdrawal despite numerous puffs of vapour or if he does not appreciate the flavour of the e-liquid, then he will turn away from the electronic cigarette to return to his usual classic cigarettes. This is something to be avoided. Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect e-liquid brand or name to start with, it’s all about taste, usually. This guide aims to help you with this choice of vape juice e-liquid.

The Families of E-Liquids: A Story of Flavours

There are 5 main families of e-liquids: classic (tobacco), fruity, minty, gourmet and drinks. We are going to detail the points that seem important to us for each family, but first of all, know that we must first find the right dosage of nicotine.

Calculate Your Nicotine Dosage – Take Advantage of Its E-Liquid and The Adapted Hit

To choose your e-liquid, you must take into account your current cigarette consumption habits. This remains a good indicator but it is not the only one. Your way of vaping, the equipment, your pleasure, in short, each vapour must determine his dosage on a personal basis. Your nicotine dosage will induce two important effects.

The Impact of Your Dosage: Fill the Gap and Find the Right Hook in The Throat

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The proper dosage will not cause you to crave nicotine. You just have to take into account that the nicotine delivered by the vape takes a little longer to be diffused in our body.

An appropriate dosage will give you a satisfactory hit (a catch in the throat), very important for beginners because very present on classic cigarettes.

The under dosage of nicotine is less easy to determine.

But it can prevent you from quitting tobacco.

Indeed, if the nicotine level is too low, you will tend to smoke another cigarette here and there. This choice of dosage is therefore very important. If it is judicious, the switch to electronic cigarettes will be done in the best conditions.

A Sufficiently Strong Dosage

It is still better to start with a strong enough nicotine dosage for your vape juicee-liquid. If this dosage forces you not to vape continuously, it will keep you away from regular cigarettes.

The Hit: Too Loud and It’s A Guaranteed Coughing Fit

If when you vape, you have a sensation with each puff of irritation in the throat preventing you from chaining them, your hit (grip in the throat) is therefore too strong. So, you have to lower your nicotine.

Be careful, it is often necessary to change your smoking habits a little when you start. Do not hesitate to aspire but more continuously.

There are e-liquids with nicotine salts. This variation of nicotine considerably reduces the sensation of a hit. However, these e-liquids with nicotine salts require the use of low-power equipment (around ten watts) with a fairly high ohm value (close to 1 ohm or even more).