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Process of doing bit coin transactions online

Generally, bitcoins are widely popular in online businesses environment. People from online businesses preferably choose this kind of digital payment process only due to its existed benefits. Start from a start-up business entrepreneur to the experienced business magnets recommend and utilize these bitcoin payment methods as the first choice now. Some may prefer the ways of earning bitcoins but some depend on the process of mining bitcoin.

Let’s see the key procedure of doing bitcoin transactions in many online firms

  • Initially do transact the bitcoin to the respective wallet you use. The wallet can be a smart mobile wallet, software wallets, or anything. All you need is transferring the bitcoins from your wallet to another wallet is the first step you have to do. Based on the purpose of doing purchases like from online shopping, products, and services purchases, or from mining bitcoin process, etc., you have to use the respective wallet that you had.
  • Followed by scan the transaction payslip. Here the person whomever you are going to pay through this digital payment mode, then ask his wallet address or any account address. Better check with him whether he is having any type of bitcoin wallets. It is easy to process the payment then. Some people offer QR code to you and ask you to make bitcoin payments in the form of wallet apps.
  • Then you can simply payments using wallet apps or bitcoin wallets with the help of the address of the receiver you noted. Of course, there will be an encrypted security code sent by you to the receiver which has to be decrypted to avoid cyber-attacks.
  • After making payments, it takes a little bit of time to get the confirmation of your payment whether it is successful or not. So, after submission, your transaction reaches the blockchain. Here miners known as bitcoin users do the process of confirming your payment that you transacted. This process takes at least ten to half an hour time sometimes.
  • This is the drawback of bitcoin transactions, as it takes much time to confirm or reject the transaction. And so was the late messages of the invoices gradually irritates the users sometimes.


This is how the transactions of bitcoins are done in all kinds of businesses today.