Singapore Pr Application

What is the difference between permanent residents and citizenship?

A resident permanent card is a kind of permit given to the people that provide the right to live and work in the country. It is generally given for ten years of time duration. The resident card allows the individual to travel, leave, or come to the country anytime without applying for the visa. There is a big difference between the permanent resident card and citizenship. In a resident card, an individual has no right to vote for the country elections. They have no right to buy land, only have permits to live on rent. While in Citizenship an individual can get the benefit to vote and is eligible to leverage all kinds of rights of the country. The country of Singapore is famous for its safe and friendly atmosphere of the people in Asian countries. The city of Singapore city feels to the people of multicultural that attracts everybody towards it. This may be the main reason why people need to apply Singapore citizenship so that they can live their forever. It is popular for its high-quality living life. This thing promotes the people not to do only business there but also they want to spend the rest of their life thereby getting citizenship of the country. Every year lots of people get the permanent resident card to work in the country. Citizenship of the country is more difficult to obtain then permanent residents. The application for the PR is applied for the whole family. The whole family includes an applicant, husband/wife, children under twenty-one years who are unmarried. People with different professions have to go through a variant process of card issuing. The attraction of obtaining Singapore PR through multiple schemes inspired many outsiders from different backgrounds to feel the island as their home.

Singapore Pr Application

Living in Singapore and having PR

The people who are living in Singapore and having PR from the last two to six years are eligible to apply for citizenship. An individual having PR and more than twenty-one years old can apply for citizenship. Various steps are followed to applying for citizenship. Along with fulfilling the above criteria one must have good law-obedient and well contacts.  The child whose parents are the citizen of Singapore but he born outside the country, get citizenship. The government checks the financial and social status of the applicant. When they find applicant is much enough to run their project in the country for the long term are eligible to get the citizenship of the country. An individual who seems to be resourceful for the country instead of their liability can get citizenship.

Hence, the difference between getting Permanent Resident and citizenship is different in every means for the people.