The top three types of snowboarding jackets that you can choose to wear

By now you’ve undoubtedly ogled, researched, and wisely chosen a pair of shiny new sticks or a new board for the season. But have you given any real thought to what you’ll be wearing?

After all, your jacket is going to be just as much a part of your quest for pow as what’s underneath your feet. Choosing the right jacket for the right conditions is crucial to maximizing your comfort, protection from the elements, and overall stoke factor.

Chances are, you already researched carefully in choosing a pair of sticks and aboard as the winter season has already come. However, you have not shopped what you are going to wear when you are going to snowboarding.

After all, the snowboarding jacket is going to be an important part of your snowboarding activity as what is underneath your feet. When you choose the right jacket for the right conditions, it is completely crucial to maximizing your entire comfort, your protection, and your overall stoke factor.

To help you out, here are some of the types of jackets that you should be wearing when you go snowboarding according to the best shop for snowboard wear hk has.

  • Shell jackets– This type of jacket is uninsulated meaning, this can be used for those who are local shred hill. The main reason for this is that shell jackets are very versatile when it comes to most conditions and it is completely waterproof. It has taped seams and most of the time it has featured vents to provide you more breathability so that you will not overheat on mid-winter snowboarding sessions or during spring sessions. If you are able to get your size correctly, a shell should allow you enough room for layering beneath on colder days. If you are going to get one jacket for each type of your rides, a shell is always the top choice for the many.
  • Insulated jackets– If you are one of those who easily get cold or someone who loves to go snowboarding on a very cold condition, you might be considering to wear an insulated jacket. This type of jacket features an outer shell and a layer of built-in insulation, either down or of the synthetic insulation such as the Thinsulate and the Primaloft. Jackets that come with synthetic insulation are always a good choice for outerwear; synthetic insulation is also cheaper and it is also more durable and works well in wet conditions.
  • Technical shells– If you want to go boot packing or skinning at peaks when you are searching for lines to ride smoothly, the most appropriate jacket for you is the technical shell. This type of snowboarding jacket is very light and it is also highly breathable in keeping you a comfortable ride. Also a waterproof, this is constructed by fully taping the seams and the high-end fabrics like the Gore-Tex and the eVent. Technical shells tend to have a heftier price tags compared to other jackets.